Accessories & Filters for Boiling Water Taps

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  • Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

    6 Month Warranty*

    1 Sizes available

    Key Features:

    • Works with Selected Hermänn Taps
    • Easy DIY Replacement
    • Great Tasting & Refreshing Water
    • Removes Chlorine & Other Impurities
    • Helps to Reduce Limescale
    Starting from

    Starting at: £39.99

Accessories & Filters for Boiling Water Taps.

Ensure you make the most out of your system with our boiling water tap filters and accessories. Renewing your filter regularly is a key aspect of maintaining any boiling water tap kit because it doesn’t just provide you with crisp and clean water – the filter also prevents impurities from affecting your system and helps to prolong its lifespan. The boiling water tap filters we offer are designed for easy DIY installation so you can enjoy cup after cup of refreshingly pure water. For the best results, we recommend changing your filter as often as suggested by the manufacturer.

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