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Bringing the kitchen back into the heart of the home, boiling water taps are the next advancement in kitchen design, re-inventing the ease in which we cook and prepare food. They're an all-in-one-solution that will streamline the aesthetic of your kitchen - a sophisticated, space-saving solution that is fast becoming a necessity.

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Hermänn | Pure Luxury

The purity of the Hermänn’s filtered boiling water enhances the taste of hot drinks, improving their palate and aroma to unlock a new world of flavour. Pour yourself some fragrant jasmine tea, fill the teapot for time with family or brew an aromatic arabica coffee – Hermänn taps cater to the whole household, dispensing cup after cup of boiling hot water. Elegantly styled and available in a range of finishes, Hermänn boiling water taps let you find a new level of appreciation as you sip and savour your favourite drinks.

Safety First

The Hermänn range is specifically designed with safety in mind, making it the perfect companion to busy family kitchens. Using innovative family-safe technology, boiling water is dispensed separately from the mains supply with a safety lock that always snaps back to the locked position, rendering it safe for the next user. The Hermänn’s spout will even remain cool to touch when boiling water is flowing, to ensure maximum safety.

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Commercial Boiling Water Taps

Domestic homes aren’t the only places that benefit from the convenience of a boiling water tap. Installing a commercial tap can open a new world of employee productivity, slimming down squandered hours spent waiting for kettles to boil and refocusing the attention of your workforce. Commercial boiling water taps can even be customised with different water types, adding chilled and sparkling filtered water to streamline plastic waste and provide even more variety.

Residential Boiling Water Taps

If your home requires more than just boiling water, consider our premium range of taps and enjoy refreshingly crisp chilled water and effervescent sparkling water, alongside instant boiling water. Boiling water taps are a deluxe addition to your kitchen, allowing you to seamlessly switch from a chilled glass of refreshing water one second to a steaming hot cup of speciality tea the next.

Hermann Taps From Only: £ 389 .99
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Zip Taps From Only: £ 1149 .00
  • Range of Water Combinations
  • World-Class Water Filtration
  • Dual Lever Control with Safety Button
  • Touchscreen User Interface
  • Sleek & Streamlined Design

Instant Boiling Water Taps

Boiling water taps bring a whole new meaning to convenient living, offering piping hot water in an instant. Completely removing the need for inefficient kettles, these streamlined appliances are an eco-friendly way of heating water which help you to cut down on kitchen clutter at the same time. Once your system is set up, you can access boiling water straight from the tap with a simple turn of a handle, transforming the way you cook and prepare beverages. We offer boiling water taps to complement all home kitchen styles, as well as models suitable for commercial use.

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