Herschel iQ Additional Receiver

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To control additional heaters using your Herschel iQ Thermostat, you will need to purchase an additional iQ receiver.

The iQ T1 thermostat allows you to control an unlimited number of infrared panels from an intuitive touchscreen interface. Every heater wired into an R1 receiver will be controlled by the thermostat, which manages temperatures by switching the panels on or off to raise or lower heat levels. The T1 thermostat can also be programmed with customisable heating schedules for weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays, or operated on one of three manual modes: comfort, energy saving and holiday mode.

Every heater wired into an R1 receiver can make use of the iQ’s Heat Boost feature. Simply press the button on the receiver to enjoy an hour long burst of heat from the heater or heaters wired into the receiver. Each receiver can control a load of up to 10 Amps. In standard 230V power supplies, this equates to a maximum of 2300w controlled through each receiver.

All the receivers connected to the T1 will receive the same commands; much like a central heating system controlled by a single thermostat, the T1 will switch all the heaters on and off at the same time. If you want to zone your heating – that is, use a different heating program in different parts of the house – you will need to purchase an additional T1 thermostat.

Please note, older models of the R1 are not compatible with the third generation T1 thermostat or iQ Hub. If you’re unsure what generation product you require, please contact our sales team.