Wall Mounted Electric RadiatorsAt Electric Radiators Direct, wall mounted electric heaters are our speciality. Wall mounting is an ever-popular fitting option for heating products, allowing you to heat your home safely and securely with little disruption to your interior design. Our space-saving electric radiators can be fitted quickly and cheaply with basic DIY knowledge, sparing you the expense of an electrician’s bill. Our extensive range of heaters provides solutions for heating in even the most challenging locations. Whatever your property, whatever your budget and whatever your interior design scheme, we’re sure to find the perfect wall mounted electric radiator for you. Got an unusual heating requirement you need satisfying? Go on – challenge us, we’re always striving to prove just how versatile our heaters are! Here are just some of the heating challenges our wall mounted heaters have overcome.


Can I wall-mount my electric radiator on a partition wall?

Yes! Unlike many other heating products, electric radiators are slimline and lightweight so can be safely fitted on stud walls.


Traditional water filled radiators and bulky storage heaters often prove too heavy to fit safely on partition walls. They contain large quantities of water or heavy bricks which cannot be supported by the wooden frames in stud walls. Our range of electric radiators, however, includes heaters which use dry thermal technology for ultra-lightweight heat generation. Our best-selling RCWave range uses aluminium elements in the radiator body which heat up quickly and push heat around the room. The smallest radiator in the RCWave range weighs only 5kg!


Wall-mounting an electric radiator on a partition wall is very similar to fitting a wall-mounted TV or large picture on a partition wall. Mounting items on a stud wall is a little more complicated than fitting on an ordinary brick wall because the item cannot be attached to the plasterboard skin – you must locate the frame and attach the item directly to the wooden batons. All our radiators are supplied with all fittings and a template which shows you where to place the brackets. In some cases, the spacing of the wooden batons in the frame of your stud wall does not line up easily with the radiator brackets. A simple solution to this problem is to attach a board between the wooden batons and then attach the radiator to the board. This is a task that requires a very basic level of DIY skill. If you are at all unsure about the strength of your partition wall we recommend you to check with your electrician before installing.


Can wall-mounted electric radiators heat high-ceilinged rooms?

Yes. Our Inerzia range of electric wall mounted radiators is specifically designed to heat large or open plan spaces. The heaters use lightweight dry stone elements which heat up fast and push out warmth at a greater intensity than can be achieved by conventional radiators. This ensures that heat reaches every corner of the space you’re trying to heat – an efficient way to keep everyone warm in large spaces. Ideal for open plan offices, commercial stairwells and Victorian houses.


Can I afford wall-mounted electric radiators on a limited budget?

It is our philosophy at Electric Radiators Direct that energy efficient heating should be available to all, not just the wealthy. We’ve worked hard to secure the best deals on some of the most energy efficient heating products on the market today, and we’re so confident that we offer unbeatable value for money that we offer a best price promise on all our products. If you find the same product available for a lower price elsewhere seven days after ordering, we’ll refund you the difference! Our economy range of radiators, the Cointra Apolo collection, is ideal for efficient home heating on a tight budget. The Cointra Apolo range brings you energy efficient thermal fluid technology, full programmability and a contemporary design all from prices as low as £189.99.


Do you sell electric wall radiators in traditional styles?

Whilst most of our electric radiators sport slimline contemporary designs, we know that many of our customers prefer radiators in a more traditional style. Designer radiators may look out of place in listed buildings and period properties, or appear anachronistic in faithfully “retro” interior design schemes. Our Electrorad Digi-Line range is specifically designed for more discrete fitting in these sensitive locations, with a traditionally styled steel body which is indistinguishable from conventional central heating radiators. The Digi-Line combines traditional style with ultra-modern energy efficiency, boasting a high precision thermostat, central programmer for total and control and straightforward DIY installation.


Is it possible to wall mount an electric radiator in a conservatory?

The greatest challenge when installing wall mounted conservatory heating is finding heaters which will fit the restricted spaces offered by conservatory dwarf walls. With a height of 38cms, our Haverland RC12B Conservatory Radiator fits comfortably in dwarf wall spaces and can provide a power output of up to 1200w – perfect for the sometimes demanding requirements of conservatory heating.


Do electric wall mounting radiators fit in narrow corridors and small rooms?

Wall mounted electric radiators are ideal for rooms in which space is at a premium. Our Haverland range features slimline radiators for discrete, space-saving fitting in all manner of narrow or awkward spaces. The RCWave range is our slimmest with a depth of only 7.4cms. If you require a little more power, in spaces which are tall or roomy despite being narrow, such as lofty corridors or tight staircases, the Haverland TT range is just a little more obtrusive with a depth of 10cm.


Are electric wall radiators suitable for bathroom installation?

All our electric radiators are suitable for bathroom installation provided they are fitted by a qualified electrician the required distance from open water sources. Our extensive range of towel rails offers another alternative for wall mounted heating, a stylish heating strategy which can help you maximise your space-saving potential by combining towel storage with heat generation!


Do you have an electric wall radiator for a vertical space?

Sometimes a horizontal radiator doesn’t quite fit the bill for those awkward narrow spaces between doors, chimney breasts and shelves. The Aeroflow AF10 is ideally suited for vertical spaces with a height of 125cms and width of only 38cms.




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