BTU Calculator

Our BTU calculator provides an estimate of the number of BTUs (or British Thermal Units) required to heat your space. All you need to provide are your room dimensions and some basic information about your property, such as whether you have single or double glazing. For conservatories, rooms with high ceilings, or rooms with non-standard layouts, speak with one of our Sales Team who can create a free, no-obligation quote.

All information and advice in relation to product suitability is intended as a guide only. Always consult a heating engineer for a professional opinion when choosing any heating appliance for your home. Heatingpoint cannot guarantee that any product will be suitable for your requirements: this is your responsibility. Heatingpoint is not obligated to accept any returns after the 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee. All products must be installed and used as per the manufacturer’s instructions, which takes priority over all other information and advice.