Ecostrad Ecowärme Electric Radiator - White 1000w

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Advanced Heating for Home or Business

  • Heat Retentive Composite Ceramic
  • 24/7 Digital Programming
  • 3 Heating Modes & Timer Function
  • Heats by Convection & Radiation

Intuitive, Energy-Efficient Technology

  • Traditional Radiator Design
  • Open Window Detection
  • Adaptive Start
  • Plug In & Go Installation
  • Fixtures & Fittings Provided
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • 680 x 630 x 70 mms (WxHxD)

The Ecostrad Ecowärme is a high-quality German electric radiator with a timeless aesthetic, styled with an elegant pleated front and crisp white finish. Featuring heat retentive ceramic and a host of energy-saving features, this 1000w version of the Ecowärme is perfect for heating small to medium sized spaces.

The Ecowärme uses both convection and radiation, heating objects and people directly as well as the surrounding air. The Ecowärme uses specially formed ceramic heating bricks that keep your spaces hotter for longer, retaining warmth long after the radiator has stopped drawing power. The Ecowarme’s ceramic bricks are enhanced for heat retention using industry-leading manufacturing techniques. The bricks are made in compression moulds, which force out air to increase the material’s density, and are then packed inside the Ecowarme to form multiple insulating layers with no space lost to wiring. This results in superb heat retention, improved running costs, and greater energy-efficiency.

The Ecowärme offers a host of energy-saving features, using the integrated control panel, create a detailed programming schedule, amend set temperatures, and interact with the timer function. The Ecowärme also comes with adaptive start and open window detection. Adaptive start allows these radiators to pre-heat in order to reach the correct temperature in accordance with your heating schedule. Whereas open window detection stops the Ecowärme from wastefully heating if an open door or window is cooling the room faster than the radiators can heat it. For added peace of mind and safety, the keypad can be locked to prevent tampering.

This high-quality German electric radiator adds a touch of sophistication to any space and its white finish allows it to fit with most design schemes. The Ecostrad Ecowärme is also available in 500w, 1500w, and 2000w sizes. For tricky or unusual spaces, there’s even a 1000w vertical version of the Ecostrad Ecowärme that’s perfect as a space-saving alternative and the entire range can also be purchased in textured grey anthracite.

Please note: the grille at the top of the radiator is designed to be removable, to make the radiator easier to clean. However, if you do want to fix it in place, you can use the pre-drilled holes and a set of suitably sized screws to secure it.