Electric Heaters Installation

InstallationEven if you only have limited DIY knowledge, installing electric heaters is so straightforward that anyone can do it. Some electric heaters are designed to be portable and come with additional feet for a freestanding fitting. However, they can also be wall mounted which can be a great space-saving option and takes around 10 minutes to fit. The process is simple: mark on the wall where the brackets will go, drill the holes, screw the brackets into the wall and mount your heater. Just make sure that it's within reach of a 13 amp standard socket!

Alternatively, you can also have your electric heater hardwired into the mains by a qualified NICEIC electrician – it can be a more discreet option with no loose wires. Take a look at our instructional video for a more visual representation of the work required in a DIY fitting. It's much simpler than you may expect!

If you're looking for a bathroom heating solution, we would recommend using an electric towel rail rather than a panel heater. Though some panel heaters may have suitable IP ratings for bathroom use, users can be tempted to hang wet towels over their heater to dry, which can cause issues if the thermostat or ventilation on the appliance becomes blocked. Take a look at our outstanding range of towel rails for inspiration – they're a great way of keeping your bathroom warm, as well as keeping your towels toasty.