Electric Radiator Installation

InstallationOne of the great benefits of electric radiators is their ease of installation! Where other home appliances may have more complex instructions or require hiring a professional, electric radiators are suitable for DIY fittings and in most cases can be done in around 10 minutes using tools you may already have at home.

All our products suitable for wall mounting come with a template so you can mark where you will need to drill holes in the wall for the brackets. Providing there aren't any hidden electrical cables or pipes that could be damaged in the process, drill the holes where you have marked the wall and then screw on the mounting brackets. Your electric radiator slots onto the mounts easily and all that's left is to plug it into the nearest 13 amp socket. We've also made a step-by-step video which provides a useful visual aid if you need a little more reassurance.

If you're not comfortable fitting your own radiator – don't worry. A qualified NICEIC electrician will be able to do this for you and can even hardwire your electric radiator into the mains for an understated finish with no loose cables.

While some electric radiators have IP ratings suitable for bathroom use, we don't recommend them for this use because the vast majority cannot be used for drying towels. Many electric radiators have ventilation and thermostats that must be kept clear at all times and can cause a potential hazard if obstructed. It's all too easy to forget, so if you tend to dry your towels on a radiator, we suggest choosing one of our excellent electric towel rails instead.