Storage Heaters Installation

InstallationTo fit your storage heater, you will always need to have a qualified electrician install your unit as they must be hardwired into the wall. This is a straightforward process that can be done relatively quickly by a professional, though there are some things to bear in mind before you come to have them fitted. When choosing a place for your storage heater, make sure that it's on a solid level surface and that it will be unobstructed. Don't place heaters under windows where they will come into contact with curtains as it can present a hazard.

The bricks inside storage heaters are very heavy which is why these products are delivered on pallets. You will need two people on hand when they are delivered to move them safely into your home. If you need help finding an electrician to fit your storage heaters, we can find one in your local area that will be able to carry out the work necessary – just give our friendly team a call!