Towel Rails Installation

InstallationElectric towel rails are a fantastic investment as they can be used independently of your central heating system. Due to Part P regulations on fitting electrical appliances in bathrooms, it's highly recommended that you get a qualified electrician to fit your towel rail – it's a routine job for any professional and will only take a short amount of time. DIY installation is possible, however you will need to notify your local authority who will inspect and test your system before it is declared safe for use.

Before purchasing, always make sure that the towel rail you intend to buy has an IP rating appropriate for the bathroom zone it will be installed in and cross-reference this against the manufacturer's guidelines regarding bathroom suitability. Information on IP ratings can be found on individual product pages for your reference. If you're struggling to find an electrician in your local area to fit your electric towel rail, our customer service team is more than happy to help recommend you a suitable installer.